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Mega TOR

The Mega Darknet is a new platform on the dark web, abbreviated as MEGA DARKNET, which is the undisputed leader in the Darknet. Darknet users know firsthand what MEGA is. It is a huge powerful platform hosting thousands of shops selling a wide variety of prohibited goods and services. For beginners, please note that the correct name of the site is MEGA, as many people confuse and try to type mero, mego, union.

This can lead to a scam site. Since everything that is offered here is illegal, you can only get such a product through bookmarks. Since there is a risk of being disclosed during courier delivery or through the mail. The person who bought the product is sent its location with a description and photo.

In addition to buying and selling, you can get legal advice or resolve a controversial issue. Ask any question to the site administration.


Version 2.8.2


Version 102.2.1


Version 11.5.7


Version 11.5.7


Login and registration process on MEGA DARKNET

Many beginners try to enter the site through a regular browser and realize that this is impossible. Since the goods are all prohibited, the site is often blocked and you need to download the Tor browser and VPN or use an up-to-date mirror to enter the site. The next step is to enter the verification captcha. It is quite intricate, not everyone can enter it on the first try. But it does a great job of protecting you from bots. Next, you need to register and authorize, and you will be taken to the main page of the site. You can choose your city and product using filters and categories.

Mega Darkmarket

How not to fall for scammers

Often attackers fake the appearance of the site and links, so you need to fill in the design and carefully reread the links that you use to enter the site. Also, do not forget that Mega is located in the ONION zone, so if you see UNION, then this is a fake site. Check everything carefully.

Always check links. Follow only official links to MEGA (entry strictly through TOR):

All products are prohibited and thematic and are divided into categories:

  • Opioids
  • Stimulants
  • Psychedelics
  • Euphoretics
  • The documents
  • Services

In one store, several categories can be sold at once, for example, services, substances, tools. In addition to substances, you can also order left documents, passports or find information about any person.

Mega Onion
Account replenishment on Mega Market

On the Mega marketplace, you can pay for goods and replenish your account only in cryptocurrency. There are several types to choose from: BTC, XMR, USDT. In the future, developers want to introduce bank cards:

  • Visa,
  • MIR.

Everyone is waiting for when it will be possible to pay with QIWI, WEB, PAY wallets. Having a cryptocurrency wallet, you can exchange cryptocurrency for regular money in reverse order.

You have to wait a long time for bitcoin – what to do?

The thing is that replenishing an account with bitcoins sometimes takes up to half an hour, it also depends on which exchanger you use and whether the network is currently overloaded.

Link to Mega Darknet
The problem can be solved by expanding the priority and increasing the commission for the transaction.

In the future, when it will be possible to replenish the account with bank cards, the operation will take less time.

The site is blocked – what to do?

Mega not working

MEGA is the TOP 1 site on the Darknet, but even that may sometimes not work or be inaccessible. First, check if you are accessing the right link.

Hackers and law enforcement agencies often block the site and users cannot get there through the official link. In this case, you need to use the current Mega Market ONION mirrors. We regularly update working URL mirrors on our page, copy them and bookmark them.

Who is cooler – Mega or Hydra?

The Hydra is no more, and now Mega has rightfully taken its place! These sites are both similar and not at the same time.

Stores operate in Russia and neighboring countries. Unfortunately, for residents of America, the EU and Europe, the sale of goods is still prohibited. You can get the goods only by bookmarks, mail will not work. Products are arranged by category, search filters are also similar. Unlike Hydra, where only bitcoin was available as a currency, you can pay with Monero and USDT on Mega.

Mega Tor
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As bonuses for buyers, Mega came up with a referral program, that is, for each attracted client, the user receives income, which is much more profitable than roulette on Hydra.

Before entering Mega, download and set up Tor browser and VPN, this rule also worked on Hydra. Moreover, these programs will be useful to you in everyday life in various social networks.

On Mega, unlike Hydra, you can log in from almost any device, including mobile phones and small screen resolutions, desktop versions are available.

Mega already fully replaces Hydra, and in some moments even surpasses it, so we advise you to go here for a quality product.

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