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Mega Darknet

MEGA DARKNET is the strongest shadow market leader after HYDRA.

mega555fzuhxvskevig3ybqc2gozjivjrztcoogb5h2e37fm52ox5bid.onion – Official Link MEGA DARKNET MARKET

The well-known site Hydra has been at the helm of the dark darknet for many years, leaving all other sites far behind. Therefore, many simply could not believe in her sudden disappearance. However, this is a fact. The hydra is no more. But the three-headed platform was replaced by the equally strong and powerful Mega Darknet Market. It surpasses it in many ways in terms of functionality and safety, as well as favorable conditions for merchants.

At the end of the page there are original links to the MEGA website

Mega Darknet Market

Always use the Tor browser to enter the site

This applies not only to Mega, but also to any resource on the Darknet. This browser provides anonymity, the information goes through several stages of encryption, and the user will always be incognito. After all, every person has the right to express his opinion and watch what he wants without the risk of being caught in it.

Registration is extremely simple, it only includes a username and password, as well as installing a PGP key. That’s all, choose products to your liking and enjoy your shopping.

Professor Moriarty
Founder & CEO

Programmer & Backend


Mega Darknet Market link

Successful deal only on Mega Darknet Market

It is a very popular platform for selling and buying banned substances online. The most profitable deals in Russia and neighboring countries. It often happens that the site is difficult to get to. This is due to its blocking by law enforcement agencies or DDos attacks. First, use an official ONION link from trusted sources. Secondly, copy the current ONION mirrors, you can almost always get to the site using them.

To find out the user’s opinion about the store or the link or the Mega website, read the reviews in the site’s chat. Almost all reviews of the marketplace are positive. Negative ones also occur, but these are most often the machinations of competitors. The reliability of the store is estimated at the maximum of five points.

Mega Site Darknet Link

Treasure hunting advice

The place must be deserted, it is better to look for treasure at night. Make sure that there are no cameras and suspicious persons nearby. Remember – the police and vigilant citizens are your enemies!

In order not to use the Tor browser and it is guaranteed to follow the link, there is an official MEGA ONION mirror. It also ensures your anonymity on the network, security, since all data getting here is encrypted.
The blacksprut resource will help you transfer money in the easiest way or exchange it for any type of cryptocurrency. You must safely change cryptocurrencies before buying on the MEGA website. You should choose exchangers wisely and not be fooled by provocative low prices. Always keep safety in mind when visiting sites on the Dark Web. Do not enter from other people’s computers, smartphones or public places where CCTV cameras are installed.
Every day, more than 100,000 purchases are made in darknet markets around the world. This is a voluminous and huge indicator, but scammers do not sleep and you must be careful not to fall for MEGA phishing sites. Only on our site are official links where you will be safe.

Link to Mega Darknet


The reliability of Mega Darknet Market is beyond competition

Since the marketplace has the strongest team of professionals, there is no doubt about the reliability of the site.

Here are just the main facts in favor of this:

  • Individual approach to each client;
  • The design is pleasing to the eye, and the functionality is very convenient;
  • Quick resolution of disputes;
  • Auto-guarantor system at the conclusion of transactions


As many of you have already noticed, during the hours of the most activity on our site, users waited for details for half an hour or more. A wave of indignation swept over our tickets and comments in the Telegram channels. Our main task is to provide you with a convenient, fast and safe service. Always, everywhere and in everything. Our technical department has found a way out, and we can officially declare that now it takes no more than 5 minutes to exchange for /// MEGA, even during peak hours. I would like to remind you that when exchanging, you should strictly follow the instructions, throw EXACTLY the amount that you have indicated. If something becomes unclear to you, you can always ask a question in the chat integrated into the exchanger. Support always stays in touch.

The guys from the technical department also asked me to tell you that soon our Site will add the ability to buy bitcoins, as well as secure withdrawal of funds directly to the card.

The /// MEGA team wishes you fast exchanges and good deals!

Founder & CEO

Mega Darknet Mirrors

The list of current mirrors at the end of 2022 was presented above. Go to the MEGA website, make purchases only through TOR, install 2FA and a cryptographic key. Mega wishes you happy shopping.

  • Buyer

    Yulia in Penza

    I’m a star. I am salt Julia. I am from Penza. Everyone knows me. Previously took on Solaris. Now I take only MEGA. I suck at everything. I fucked everyone in the mouth. I use the best salt in Penza.

  • VIP buer


    I’m Goof. I am a drug addict. I stumbled on the Hydra. Now I’m stuck on MEGA. I’ve bookmarked the site and I’m buying industrial scale heroin. Heroin helps me write drug addiction songs.

  • Media Person

    Pasha Tehnik

    Not a single rehab helped me. I am a true drug addict. Everyone knows that I use drugs in public places and they don’t do anything to me for it. I’m a star. I can do everything. MEGA has the best service of all darmarkets. I give 10 out of 10 points.



    I rustle through someone else’s treasure. I monitor couriers and dig out their treasures with my hands. I work at a construction site in Moscow. I like to buy drugs on MEGA with the accumulated and earned money and worsen my life every day.


    Natalia Bochkareva

    I played in the series HAPPY TOGETHER only under cocaine. Now I buy wholesale only on the MEGA website. Not so long ago there was a story about how I was detained and drugs were found. But I’m free as a star.

    TV star

    Dana B.

    I am Dana Borisova. I go under mephedrone to all parties and TV events. I have been using since I was 16. After Hydra, I buy all the drugs on MEGA. The MEGA website is in my heart.



    I pump out shit in the city of Vologda. I’m a goofball. To calm my soul, I smoke marijuana after work and take heroin once a week. Good treasures only on MEGA. Not even on Hydra. Best quality.



    I buy mef. Every day. I like the service and the management of stores on the mega. I give a good rating. I appreciate the work of couriers who arrange adequate quests. Wishing everyone good health during this difficult time.


There are only official links MEGA STORE or MEGA SB. These links lead to the general link MEGA555 – the beginning of this link. Full link: mega555fzuhxvskevig3ybqc2gozjivjrztcoogb5h2e37fm52ox5bid.onion

You can not remember the link and add to bookmarks. You can go to the MEGA website by clicking the button below.

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