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Always use Tor Browser

This is another common mistake of inexperienced users. Out of habit, like on the bright Internet, they try to get to the marketplace site from a regular browser and are very surprised that MEGA Darknet does not work. Let’s explain why this happens. The thing is that trade in prohibited products and services is prohibited on the bright Internet, so the site is constantly blocked by both law enforcement agencies, and you can’t get there from a regular browser. In this case, it is useless to wait for the Mega site to start working. The bulbous Tor browser will help you. You need to download it, set up bridges and use it to your health. With it, you will not be afraid of blocking, plus all information is carefully encrypted, passing through several nodes, and your identity will remain invisible.

It is enough to fill in the link in the free field, and you will immediately be taken to the site. Additionally, use a VPN, this will further enhance the security and ease of connecting to the site.

Also, always make sure that the links are up-to-date and correct, bookmark them and monitor updates, they come out quite often.

MEGA onion darknet

When will the mega site work in connection with preventive work

If you are trying to enter the site using the current link, and the mega link does not work, but you receive a notification that preventive work is underway, then you should not try to look for other links from third-party sources. This still does not help, but you can run into scammers. Usually preventive work is not frequent and lasts from sn minutes to 4 hours. You just need to wait and you will enter the site without problems.

DDOS attacks from competitors – when the Mega website will work

It’s no secret that the Dark Web is full of scammers and intruders who often launch attacks and block dark web marketplaces. During this time, the official link will be unavailable, and you will encounter the fact that Mega does not work or loads all the time, but does not open. Developers are trying all the time to secure the site, an update has recently been released and the captcha has become more complex and difficult to read. This is of course annoying, but it provides excellent protection against bots, reducing the load on the main page. As a result, the site works smoothly and without interruption. If the Mega link does not work due to hacker attacks, you should also wait a bit, as a rule, this trouble is quickly eliminated.

MEGA onion link

Onion domain is outdated and the mega website is not working
For example, before the onion address was Mega DM, and since the summer it has changed to Mega SB, in this case, if you type the old address, then the mega link does not work, this is a pattern. Also, if there is an error in the link address in at least one character, then you will not get to the site either. You need to carefully re-read the link, and not fall for the bait of scammers. After all, they are the ones who mask fake links in this way, changing them a little. If you follow it, you can easily lose not only money, but also lose your account.
Stay tuned for new updates and stay up to date.

MEGA Darknet link

Over the past year, the site developers have released many updates, many of them related to expanding the possibilities of replenishing an account in various ways, for example, using bank and SIM cards. Soon customers will be able to use Qiwi wallet. To be able to enter the site, even if the mega link does not work, we strengthened the captcha and regularly update up to 30 new mirrors that you can use to go to the site.
Also, everyone probably noticed how the functionality of the site has expanded and the design has improved, it has become more attractive and interesting. The feedback system has also been updated and now it is easy and pleasant to do this.

On our portal you will always find the most up-to-date information about the marketplace, and all mirrors are regularly posted here, follow and monitor.


Mega exchanger does not work, what to do


This sometimes happens due to preventive maintenance, then you can use the third-party exchange BESTCHANGE.RU. There are also more than 4 thousand different exchangers located here, and you will be selected the best rate among those available.


The account can also be replenished in various ways, for example, using the “Buy BTC” option, using a QR code, you can quickly transfer money to your phone.

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